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If you are new to Thailand the program will build your self-confidence and self-sufficiency. You gain new insights and positive feelings about yourself
and the world.
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What is the better way to see such a beatuiful country close up than the bicycle. Imagine, biking along the quiet road, in the shade of rubber trees, coconut groves with sound of birds and insects filling the morning air.
You will realize that every moment, how much more enjoyable a place can be whenyour pace is slow down and leisurely.
Come and explore Phuket or south of Thailand by bike provides an exciting and totally different way to see and enjoy our country.

In 2014, It's our 14 years Anniverary! with Action Holidays Phuket, Enjoy Every Ride!
We would like to Thank you for all guests for kind support. We promised to keep a quality bike tour as the word " Low volume, High quality and Support Local Comunities"

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Our Bike tour Phuket or in Thailand, allow you to travel through unspoiled scenic area by bicycle. Biking, especially, is the fantastic way to get off from the beaten track and explore Phuket and around Thailand.

phuket bike tour

You can move at a place fast enough to see the landscape changing yet slow enough to appreciate the friendly local people along the familiar sight we riding! We will lead you to see the rich cultures, of the Southern Thailand by bike.

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A must for families and individuals looking for fun and active way to see the another side of Phuket and South of Thailand. We promise you no crowds and exhilarating experience you will not soon forget with Thailand bike tour.

We do offer you Half day Phuket mountain bike tour to 14 days bike riding , one day Phuket mountain bike tour, the bicycle trip can arrange in Phuket or Koh Yao Noi island bike tour, or days in Thailand by Mountain bike with full back up.

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For most tourists, Phuket Island is a tropical paradise, fantastic beaches with palm trees, swimming in crystal clear warm waters,
Is that all?
No… There is much more, but the before you have to quit the super tourist paths and that's not so simple without some local and specialized help.

You don't need to travel as far as Phuket or Thailand, if sunbathing during the day time and night life is only your goal. Every continent has for sure something like that closer by. To move a little bit should be a part of your exotic holiday and in the mean time it's good for your health.

bike tour phuket
How many years you have not been on a bicycle? Fantastic pedaling along quiet small roads, far away from heavy traffic. To explore the real Phuket, its friendly people, to see rich cultures of the South Thailand. To enjoy fantastic landscapes, far away from over tourist places.

phuket mountain bike
If you are new to Phuket or Thailand or bicycle in Thailand, the program will build your self-confidence and self-sufficiency. You gain new insights and positive feelings about yourself and the world, Come and Join us for Phuket mountain bike tour, the trips that offer you much more than a bicycle riding.

Biking is what you need to do. Not just because it fuels your independence but because it reminds you that you are a part of something bigger.

We offer you the unique opportunity for a reasonable price. You get there the modern Mountain bike, with front suspension, Shimano component, front and back disc brake, drinking water, helmet, local guide speaking English, support vehicle, and a lot more. What you have to do, just put your helmet on and enjoy the ride. The rest we will take care all. To book the trip, just mail to us, tell us what you want and we will organize all for you.

phuket bike

If you want to combine boat trip, swimming, biking, the Koh Yao Noi Island mountain bike is the idea for you, to escape out and have a peaceful day there. Come and enjoy the fun ride with us as your Active Holidays! with Bike tours Thailand. Enjoy Every Ride, A Tradition of quality since 2001.

Below, Media in Austraia wrote articles about Bike tour Thailand, while they were traveling to Koh Yao Noi, with mountain bike oganize trip by Bike tour Thailand / Koh Yao Noi Island bike ride one day and another ride of Half day bike tour in Phuket.

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