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If the elephant riding is too slow
and the Jeep safari is too rough for you then

Bike tours is another way
to see Thailand closed up.

Bike tour in Phuket, allows you to travel through unspoiled scenic area by bike. Biking, especially, is the fantastic way to get off from the beaten track and explore.

You can move at a place fast enough to see the landscape changing yet slow enough to appreciate the friendly local people along the familiar sight we riding! We will lead you to see the rich cultures, of the Southern Thailand.

We promise you no crowds and exhilarating experience you will not soon forget.


Who can go on Bike tours?

Our different mountain bike Phuket accommodate all levels of fitness and cycling ability. You don't need extensive bicycle touring experience; however, you should be healthy, familiar with cycling and prepare for adventure.

The Cycling Phuket trip is easy to moderate; with occasional challenging sections and our jungle walk are kept to short manageable distance. We have had guests age 12 to 70 and many had not been on a bike in years before booking our tours.

What happen when it rains?

If you decide to come with us during the rainy season from May till late October. You will have chance to get soaking in the tropical monsoon. What are you going to do then ? Siitng in front of your room and looking at the rain drop?...C'ome on let go out and ride. 

There are so much thing to see and learn around you. If it rain then let it be...who can stop the rain? So bring your rain coat from home with you and enjoy the ride with us.

We have nothing to do with the rain just grab your helmet get your bike and go on. When it rain in Phuket, normally, it will rain only for a short time (but it could be whole day) the rain is warm and you will have a lot of fun with it. The trails will be muddy and a bit slippery. Since we run this biketours from our records we do have more tourists book the tours with us than the dry season.

What locals do when it rains?

 In Phuket the main transportation are scooters and motor bikes when it rain people stop in the shelter or put the raincoat on then life is continue,
so we did the same. Enjoy Every Ride

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