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What clients say about us. "Bike Tours Thailand"

ขอบคุณ ค่ะ Thank you very much for introducing us to your country by bike. Thank you for your warm hospitality, funny and uncomplicated manner and thank you for letting us to be your guests!!! Very much appreciate your excellent service. ***** (5 stars service) 

 Group of Wikinger Reisen 16 Pax, November 2022


To Team Bike Tours Thailand.

To be your guest on the journey in your country. You showed us beautiful trails and areas, and so you made our traveling to a very special Adventure!  Your team are such a positive charisma and charisma! Thank you very much! 

Isabelle and Andres Group of 16 riders from Germany.  5th- 14th November, 2022 (South Thailand bike Tours)

"Dear Team Bike Tours Thailand, Pit and Gree, Kob Khun Kha
for your support during the bicycle tours, nice day trips, very good explanations, your patience.
We always felt very safe with you and enjoyed each day. Your explanations allowed to experience your country very well. We learned many things, tasted alot, and saw specialities we have never seen before. Thank you for the organisation wase beyond compare.
Group of Wikinger Reisen 18 riders.


"Varied program, Nice facts about people, culture, nature, good + fresh food.  
Very good service. The guide Funny + friendly. Helpful, good instruction. 
The bike is very good bikes. Go on like this, Thank you."
Nicol, Monique,Walter Priska
KUONI Switzerland / Asian Trails Phuket.

"Trails were great, team service was excellent - driver + guide.
Food + drink was plentiful. The guide - Excellent-spoke good English & had a great attitude. 
The bike is Excellent + condition of bike was great"
Steven Troll
Quebec, Canada.

"We both enjoyed the tour. It was excellent to see village life and countryside
that you cannot see from main road. The guide was very friendly, nice, gave good service. 
The bikes were good and snacks also."
Peter Richard, Jennifer chalon.
Mallow, Buchs,  UK.

"Very good ! and plenty of good food + drinks. The guide provided in excellent tour.
He was able to show us the Thai culture and interest. We would have never seen
if we had not taken the tour. The bike were in great condition. No problems.
Keep up the good work! Thank you and Hope to take another tour next time we come".
Bill and Claudia Diesing, 
Wadkenswill , Switzerland.

"Wonderful and excellent trip! I really enjoyed interacting with local people
and seeing the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center. There was also much fruits & drinks.
The guide was fantastic, very educational and easy to talk with I certainly learnt a lot.
The bike was good . I rode tandem, next time I'll have the confidence to ride alone .
Thank you."
Kristen Vigh 
Paradise, Australia.

"The entire trip was excellent! very good service, extremely friendly and professional guide.
The bike is very good I will recommended this tour to everyone I speak with,
Thank you for a great day!"
X-riders, Muchen, Germany.

"Great ! good trails, number of very interesting stops.
The guide is fine, friendly knowledgeable. The bike is excellent - good equipment,
derailleurs and breaks in good adjustment-very impressive equipment. 
There is no suggestions, you already have a good program."
Pete Newman
Weslake Village, California,  USA.

"This was the best day of my Holidays in Thailand! It was great and 
the organization was very good" .
Ruegg Lilu and Zingerli Franziska Ggtalden

"Excellent, the guides have been well informed, the occasional views
of Thai life interesting and the bikes are good condition."
Ian Moore
Eltham, LONDON

"Full day trip, Northern trails and Southern part.
The bike is reasonable well maintained and well adjustable.
Service great! Have seen different parts of island native and front yards,
team service always at the place! The guide is an experienced guide showing
a lot of interesting trails and experts a side of the trails. 
He is a nice person and he really guides you.!"
Dr.Josef Trankler
KlongLuang, Patum Thani, Thailand

"Very interesting! I was taken to see the locals & various locations.
Plants were point out to me. There were plenty of refreshments - drinks, fruits etc.
The route was interesting and not too difficult. The bike is excellent - well maintained
and in good working order. The guide was great, very informative and friendly."
Iris Lee, Hong Kong.

"Well organized, lot of variety, nice & funny guide. Plenty of food.
Enough drinking- water! Very good bike. Maintain Quality!"

Staeuber, Bern ,Switzerland.

"Very informative, variety of scenery etc, and good fun.
The Guide were excellent very polite, relaxed and eager to please.
The bike is excellent and well maintained. Cannot fault service.
Thank you.".

Keith and Chris Crumplen.
Coventry , England.

Wonderful tour! Very nice landscape all parts very interesting,
many informations about people, fruits, land and very good service.
The guide had good knowledge and interesting information.
This is to be recommended.
Frutig Dieter Hauptstr
Lausan, Switzerland.

"Very interesting! I have enjoyed every moment.
The fruits and drinks were wonderful. The bike is absolutely first class.
The guide is very informative and helpful, kind and we have had many smiles and fun."
Brigliadori , Southport, England.


"Informative Guide! Excellent food. Saw local life off
"Tour East Trails" Rubber fields etc. The guide is very good ,
informative & sense of humor."
Neil Guind

"Very interesting spots were shown to us. We keep it in very
good memory and will tell friends and encourage them to back same tour.
Great! The guide is friendly and funny, we enjoyed a great tour with him …
thanks to him and the drivers."

Bfer Susanne & Jorg Hegnau
Wangen Switzerland .

"The trip was excellent and the service was outstanding!"
Vasily Kazanrscv, Russia.

"Excellent! Good service, food and plenty of water. It was very good to be
in a small group. I think it is the best that way.
This has been a holiday high light! Thank you."
Batty Davis and Carolyn Potter
Melbourne, Australia.

"Couldn't be better. Absolutely excellent!
The bike was in a perfect condition. 
Best Bike tours I ever had."
Reinou Markgraf Christinastr 
Pulheim Germany.

"Learned a lot about Phuket. Very good refreshments. 
The guide and driver are extremely friendly and helpful. Great pleasure."
Mrs. Wilpried Recht. Chrisrinastr.
Pulheim Germany.

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